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« The Design Principles of Bedroom

Bedroom is the main location that people rests, the bedroom decorate good or bad, directly affect people’s life, work and study, so the design of the bedroom is also a family to decorate priorities. The bedroom should notice when the design practical, second is the adornment. Specific should grasp the following principles:

1,.To ensure the privacy. Privacy is the most important attributes of the bedroom, it is not only for people to rest place, but also the husband and wife’s love land .It is the most warm and romantic space of home .The bedroom wants quiet,it can used good sound-absorbing the adornment stuff.Door had better use of opaque material completely closed. Some design for good daylighting, the door of bedroom how transparent glass or frosted glass, this is highly undesirable jordan shoes.

2.Convenient. In general the bedroom is a place that full of a lot of clothing and bedding, so decorating must consider to store object space, not only to capacious but also easy to use. Both sides had better have a bed ark nike shoes of the head of a bed, used to put desk lamp, alarm clock, etc can touch something to it. Some bedroom function more, also should consider to the position of the dresser and desk arrangement..

3. Decorate style should be concise. The function of the bedroom is mainly sleepping,.It is a private space, do not open to guests, so the bedroom decorate need not have too much modelling, usually also need not condole top, of wall processing the better the more concise, usually brush emulsioni paint can, the head of a bed on the wall can be appropriately do modelling and ornament. The bedroom is acted the role of unfavorable and overmuch, still should with wall material and furniture collocation is proper. The chanel handbags style of the bedroom and emotional appeal mainly is not of the wall, ground, the top and other hard to decorate, but of curtain, bedspread, wardrobe, soft adornment decision, they have a very large area, their design, colour often dominate the bedroom style, become the main melody of the bedroom.

4. Tonal, design should be harmonious. Of the bedroom tonal by two big aspects constitute, when decorating, metope, ground, end face itself has its own colour, has a very large area; In the late curtain, bedspread deserve to have their own colour, and area are also great. Of the two want harmony tonal collocation, be sure and out a color, such as posted on the wall of the painted wallpaper, so the color of the oakley sunglasses curtains will quietly elegant some, or the color of the room is too strong, can appear too crowded; If the wall is white, the color of the curtains, etc can be strong some. The curtains and the bedspread cloth art decorations color and design best can unify, lest the colour of the room, design is too multifarious, give a person the feeling of messy. In addition, the bedroom with lesser area, decoration materials should choose slant warm color attune, shallow weak flower pattern. The old’s bedroom appropriate chooses slant blue, slant green cool color polo t shirt department, design decorative pattern also answer dainty and refined.Children’s room color appropriate novelty, a few more bright-coloured, decorative pattern design also should be a bit more lively; Young people’s bedroom should choose novel, rich and lively, light touch pattern. If the room slants dark, light is not worth, had better choose light warm color.

5. Pay attention to lamplight illume. Try not to use adornment sex is too strong roof hanging type droplight, it will not only make your room from many dark corner, also in the form of the head too much light, lie on the bed and look up when the lights will dazzling gucci men shoes. Had better use up lighting lamp, can appear the roof is high, and can make the light is downy, eyes not point-blank. In addition to the main light source outside, still should set desk lamp or wall lamp, ready for the night or before sleep with reading. In addition, the corner design shoots the light a few times, so as to use different color bulbs to adjust the room is tonal, such as yellow lights will give the bedroom add many romantic emotional appeal.

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